Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's get this party started...

Hi. I'm Kelly, and I'm on a mission to a happier, healthier me. How? By running 35 races over the next year.

Huh? Why 35 races? What kind of races? How is this going to make me happier and healthier? Well, here’s a little background…

I’m turning 35 in two weeks. Just over one year ago, my husband and I welcomed our third child to this world. Jack, our son, is amazing – happy, smiley, smart, active, loving, sweet – everything a parent could hope for. Even amidst all this “amazing-ness”, this past year has still been one of the most challenging years of my life. Why? Something else was born with Jack, something called Postpartum Depression.

Postpartum Depression is a real thing, y’all. I’m not talking “baby blues” or random hormonal imbalances. I’m talking unmotivated, can’t-get-out-of-bed, want-to-run-away kind of depression – the real deal. Now, this wasn’t the first time I’d had this experience. I’ve always struggled with seasonal depression, and I went through a nasty bout of PPD with my first child as well. But this time around, this particular depression was stronger than ever before, infiltrating my relationships and the various aspects of my life on a whole new level.

I’ll get into the nitty-gritty in due time. But long story short (for now), I came to a crossroads in my battle with this depression. One day, I had a realization that I do still have some power, some control over what happens to me, how I feel, how I can make it through the day. And then I came up with this idea – what if I ran 35 races during my 35th year? It was just random enough, and still doable, to give me some personal motivation, some small goal just for me, just the right amount of focus to help me see just a little more light.

And so, here I am, with my 35th birthday just around the corner, embarking on this journey – for real. I’m going to make it happen, one race at a time. And hopefully, with each mile I run and each finish line I cross, I’ll learn a little more, grow a little stronger, and get a little closer to a happier, healthier me. 

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  1. This is such a fantastic idea. I am cheering for you all the way. And I know you can kick depression's butt!! Love you!